🧘About MeditatePlanet

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Namaste and Welcome!

We're thrilled you've discovered our little corner of the internet devoted to the life-changing wisdom of meditation.

MeditatePlanet serves as your ultimate online resource for all things meditation and mindfulness.

This blog was created to make the profound practices of meditation more accessible and approachable to all.

Our Mission

The mission of MeditatePlanet is simple:

  • Provide beginner-friendly guides, tips and advice to get you started and succeeding with meditation.

  • Explore the vast inner frontier through various meditation techniques and traditions.

  • Motivate you to make meditation a consistent part of daily life through real-world wisdom.

  • Share the scientifically-proven benefits of meditation for reducing anxiety, improving focus, easing pain and more.

  • Offer reviews of the best meditation apps, online courses, retreats and teachers.

  • Help troubleshoot common meditation difficulties with compassionate understanding.

  • Foster a warm, welcoming online community for meditation enthusiasts to connect.

Who We Are

MeditatePlanet is a passion project brought to you by long-time meditation teachers and practitioners.

We want to share our extensive experience with meditation in hopes of making these profound practices more accessible.

Our team has studied meditation across Buddhist, Yogic, Taoist and modern traditions which all inform our secular, inclusive approach.

We combine decades of collective wisdom on meditation with a modern, demystified voice to make this timeless practice feel accessible to all.

We promise no spiritual mumbojumbo or pretension here - just simple, grounded guidance.

We so appreciate you joining us!

Please explore the site, reach out with any questions, and most of all enjoy the journey.

Wishing you inner peace on your journey,

The MeditatePlanet Team